What We Do


Connecting Salespeople to Abundant Pipeline

At PartnerTap we live to make the jobs of salespeople easier and more lucrative.  PartnerTap comes integrated with all major CRM's, leaving the data entry to us.   By connecting with your partners your sales network starts to work for you.   Partnering with smart data is what we do.  You'll always know what accounts you have in common with your partners making lead sharing habitual.   Becoming a PartnerTap user is simple,  you invite your partners, we provide the automation, you close more business.  


DESKTOP & Mobile

  • Sign up with your CRM account credentials.  Your accounts and territory contacts will automatically synch. 


  • The more partners you connect with the more passive activity, intel, and leads you receive.
  • Invite, invite, invite! 


  • Knowing common accounts makes receiving & sending leads a snap. 
  • Stop cold calling, start partnering.