April 6, 2018

PartnerTap wins the Founders Live Seattle Pitch Competition

Seattle, WA - Thursday, April 5, 2018 - Five Seattle startups competed in the Founders Live pitch competition on Thursday, March 29, 2018. The rousing event took place in front of a large audience at Seattle’s women-focused coworking space, The Riveter. The competition was also live-streamed across Founders Live  to an online audience.

The Seattle startup pitch contestants included Magic AI, Utrip, Trainiac, PartnerTap, and Sunfly.  These Seattle startups presented remarkable and even life saving ideas. Each founder had just 99 seconds to present innovations that ranged from artificial intelligence monitoring for horse stables to trip planning AI to an ingenious innovation, invisible ink for the skin to monitor UV exposure. The contestants presented their ideas to a panel of judges that was comprised of the live and online audiences. The presentations were  followed by a short Q&A session.

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Autum Grimm, took the hot seat with 99 seconds to convince a mixed audience of investors, founders, creators, and dreamers of the both practical and transcendent value of PartnerTap’s partner sales collaboration and continuous engagement platform. One Live viewer pontificated, “PartnerTap rocks! Download it now!”

With every pitch there was no doubt that each team had been represented with excellence and passion. Refreshingly, each of  the innovations had their genesis in what can only be described as clear empathy for the deeper and more meaningful needs of their customers. After about an hour of competition and discussion, PartnerTap was was announced as the winner. Autum Grimm clinched the win for PartnerTap with an impressive 44% of the total vote.

“Winning the Founders Live pitch competition was even sweeter because our early days of founding this company, building our network, and collaborating with our development team all took place at the Riveter.  We’re so grateful to Founders Live and the Riveter for providing PartnerTap this incredible opportunity and this beautiful venue. We can’t wait to pay it forward!” said Grimm.

Nick Hughes, CEO and Founder, Founders Live stated "As one of five presenting startups at a recent Founders Live Seattle event, PartnerTap emerged as the winning company during our 99-second pitch competition. I am impressed with their leadership as well as their innovative concept which allows companies to more effectively partner in sales and strategic referral alliances. I'm excited to track their progress as they indeed will impact enterprises around the world."

Contributed by Tonnie Harned

About Founders Live

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About PartnerTap

PartnerTap’s intelligent Account Based Partnering, Messaging, and Mapping solution helps companies drive revenue growth with referral, alliance, and channel sales partnerships. PartnerTap supports continuous collaboration and rep-to-rep partner sales engagement by eliminating the obscurity and logistics common to B2B partnerships.  Harmonizing B2B partner sales activity data securely in the cloud, PartnerTap syncs activity with all major CRM's and gives insight into mutual account alignment, real-time partner account activity, live chat, intel, and lead exchange. PartnerTap empowers partners engage, influence, and create value for their customers. We innovate so you can Connect. Collaborate. Close.

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