When prospects, clients, or life in general has you on the go, prospecting always takes a back seat.  How are you keeping your funnel fed?  PartnerTap gives you an ear to the street 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  With this kind of access to your partner network new leads are filling your funnel daily.   This new sales app makes every moment productive.  Get ready to tap a pipeline full of leads.


Tap Into the largest Sales Network

Keep a pulse on your territory with a constant partner news feed we call it your "Tap."  Your partner closes an account, PartnerTap  notifies your feed immediately.  It’s smart like that.  Connect with your trusted sales partners, build your network even further and tap the community mindshare.   Never miss a great sales opportunity again.  


Leads - The lifeblood of Sales

Sales leads, you want them and your partners have them.    PartnerTap uses account matching technology which aligns your territory with all of your partners.  Now your partners know what leads to target for you. They know what introductions you are looking for and what intel will help you close more business.  


Partner Access LIke Never Before

PartnerTap provides one space to connect with your partners, track leads, share intel and know the addressable opportunity you have together. Meet a potential partner, connect on PartnerTap and know with one click how many accounts you share in common.  When your territories change PartnerTap does the heavy lifting for you.   Finally, you can collaborate with  real time data.  Whether you are looking to grow your network or manage the network you already have, PartnerTap makes these connections more lucrative   PartnerTap and open the  floodgates for new sales opportunities.  


Territory Accounts

No typing required!  Your territory list is always synched with your CRM.  We provide a clean way to view your accounts on the go. Next time you are trying to get into a target account or stuck trying to move a deal forward, reach out to a partner in one click for help.  No more swapping territory spreadsheets, partner alignment automation is here. Partnering that finally works for you.