Boost Pipeline with PartnerTap

More Leads?  You better believe it. Ever heard the saying, "Drinking from a firehose?"  Connect on the tap for a constant feed of leads and information on your target accounts.  Gain introductions to companies you would have never known were buying.    

More Leads?

You better believe it. Connect with your sales partners for a constant feed of leads and information on your target accounts and intros to the right people.  

Territory alignment?  No sweat. Invite your partners and get on the same sheet of music.  By knowing  the accounts you have in common your partnership starts to work for you. Now you can meet salespeople, connect on PartnerTap and know within seconds what accounts you can collaborate on.  

Territory alignment?

No Sweat. After you connect to your sales colleague or partner, you will see which accounts you have in common based on the accounts listed in your territory --facilitating collaboration.

Bigger paycheck? Done. Zero in on companies that are buying today.  Arm yourself with intel fed to you by your PartnerTap network. Ready to grow your commissions?

Bigger Paycheck?

Done. Now that you can zero in on companies that are buying today and arm yourself with valuable intel from your PartnerTap network, you'll never miss a great lead again. 

Every fiscal year our territory changes. We get new accounts and lose accounts. Updating all of my partners on all of those changes is time consuming. With PartnerTap my partners are up to date on our common accounts at any given time.
— Sr. Sales Representative

Sick of missing leads? Download PartnerTap and never miss another lead again.